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We are the Huntingdonshire branch of the national Arts Society, whose mission statement is ‘Enriching lives through the Arts’.  We provide a programme of monthly lectures in a central St. Ives location, occasional study days, visits to various exhibitions, volunteer groups and an annual short holiday.

Please click on the links in the side bar (for mobiles on the menu links) for information on how to find us (Location) and (How to join). The full programme of lectures for the current year (Programme 2022 – 23) is now available on this link. 

Please note that our last meeting, the AGM was held in the Corn Exchange, St Ives on Wednesday 8th June 2022. Links to the papers are below:

The AGM was followed by a lecture by Colin Pink on Paul Nash, ‘The Landscape of Mystery’.

Paul Nash

Paul Nash is one of the most important British modernist artists. He is often associated with art movements such as Neo-Romanticism and Surrealism but his work remains hard to categorise. He worked as a war artist in both the First and Second World Wars and forged his own distinctive approach to landscape.

His work makes the homely uncanny and though he depicts specific places they inhabit an imaginative realm that reveals a mystical relationship to the world. Nash is a poet of the visual who creates his own world of symbols that is both natural and unnatural, a landscape of mystery that reveals, in the words of Coleridge: ‘the translucence of the eternal in and through the temporal’.

Colin Pink has a BA in Philosophy and Politics and a MA in the History of Art. He specialises in the interrelationship between the history of ideas and the history of art and has lectured on aspects of modern art at a wide range of cultural organisations. He also curates exhibitions and has published two books of poetry: Acrobats of Sound, 2016 and The Ventriloquist Dummy’s Lament, 2019.

Valerie Gentry

We were sorry to learn of the death of Valerie Gentry, an in memoriam of her can be downloaded from here Valerie Gentry.


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