The Arts Society, Huntingdonshire

Last updated 28th September 2018.

New members art exhibition announced, see below. The Guest Book is now linked directly from the site menu.

We have a Publicity Officer, Pennie Harrison and the email address of the webmaster is now


Saint Ives Quay and Bridge, 1995 by I. I. Gardham

The Arts Society, Huntingdonshire was previously known as the Huntingdon Decorative and Fine Arts Society.

We hope that you find this website useful. To suggest improvements or report errors please contact To make suggestions or comment on our lectures or other activities please use our Guest Book.

Illustrated lectures are held (from September until June) on the second Wednesday of each month at 2.30 pm at the Burgess Hall, St Ivo Recreation Centre, St Ives.

We’re very happy to welcome new members or guests. There’s free parking. Members can also enjoy visits and special interest days (see Past Visits too) and join friendly volunteer groups. To find your way around this site, click on the links.


You are invited to contribute towards an Arts Exhibition as part of the AGM in June 2019. The focus of this will be the A14, and the preparatory talk will be on the archaeology of the A14.

The committee thinks it would be interesting if you, the members, added your experiences of the A14 project, which is affecting our lives, together with your contributions.

Your Art can be in any creative discipline – painting, photography, poetry, diary, video, textile. Details of the practicalities will be circulated later.

And finally, please ensure you have  RENEWED YOUR MEMBERSHIP NOW for 2018-2019