Saint Ives Quay and Bridge, 2018 by a pupil at Thorndown School..

We meet in the Burgess Hall, St Ives. Burgess Hall is part of the St Ivo Leisure Centre between the Swimming Pool and St Ivo School, at the end of Westwood Road, St Ives. There is a large free car park.

Westwood Road runs from near the bottom of Ramsey Road (if you approach from the north, it is on the right, just past Slepe Hall hotel and the fire station. Follow the brown sign on Ramsey Road that points to Indoor Leisure Centre to take you along Westwood Road).

It is a large hall, so there is no waiting list for membership, and guests are always welcome. We currently have well over 100 members.

Access to the Hall is via two flights of stone steps but for any of our less mobile members, there is a lift available near the main entrance.

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