Programme 2019-2020

Meetings start promptly at 2.30pm and usually last for 1 hour.

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11th September 2019
A decorative Art: History of Wallpapers
Lecturer: Jo Banham

9th October 2019
Diaghilev and the Ballets Russes
Lecturer: Rosamund Bartlett

13th November 2019
Cezanne: the greatest of all?
Lecturer: Michael Howard

11th December 2019
The Bauhaus
Lecturer: Anthea Streeter

8th January 2020
Frost Fairs on the Frozen Thames
Lecturer: Nicholas Reed

12 February 2020
The Dowager Empress Cixi (1835 1908)
Lecturer: David Rosier

11th March 2020
How New York stole the idea of Modern Art
Lecturer: Barry Venning

8th April 2020
Packing up the Nation: storing art before the Nazi invasion
Lecturer: Caroline Shenton

13th May 2020
Antony Gormley : a body of work
Rosalind Whyte