Programme 2020-2021

Reviewed Programme for September 2020- December 2021 can be downloaded from here.

From December 2020

For December we had a nicely balanced seasonal package with artwork from the North and South Poles. From the north there are some wonderful contemporary images from the Inuit culture; from the south there are sketches and watercolours by Edward Wilson, the polar explorer who died with Scott, as well as the story of his wedding in Hilton in 1901 to the rector’s daughter. We hope you will find these interesting and take the opportunity to use links and references to follow up any of the items you found stimulating.

From November 2020

This month we looked at the history of the Palace of Westminster and why it looks as it does today. The article Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament includes links to external websites and videos that take you to parts of the palace that you will never be allowed to see, unless you are a very privileged visitor!

The link, takes you on a virtual tour of both of the Houses of Parliament.

From October 2020 – The Renaissance is the name we give to the period of cultural ‘rebirth’ that followed the Middle Ages. The two articles below address some of the changes during this period:

The last article for this month is a piece of light relief:

From September 2020 – Roman Times and Archaeology

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